With the use of raw materials of the best quality, such as steel, foundry, plastic and electrical components, our company is able to offer quality products, such as:


  • Circular tear pieces of all models of all
  • Wind Winders Spare parts for all models of all brands
  • Spare parts for sewing machines of all models with strong arm.

In addition, it also imports a range mentioned below from renowned manufacturers / suppliers:


  • Bearings, electrical parts, hardware of all types, sewing needles m / c.
  • Electrical Products

Spare parts for looms


Item Name Price Material País de origem Tamanho Odour Cor
Item sem título
R$42.00 India Laranja Cinza
Item sem título
R$45.00 Plastico China ml 500 Laranja Cinza
Item sem título
R$15.00 Outro China ml 500 Laranja Areia